Our Story


Hi, I'm Paula, the founder of Sand and Salt. Back in 2001, I made the decision to pursue a long-standing dream of mine, so I resigned from my 9-5 job of twelve years, packed up my passport and rucksack and set off to travel around the world with my boyfriend.

I spent the most incredible sixteen months visiting many beautiful places, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and learning a lot about the world and also myself along the way.

Something I learned very quickly was that when you have to squeeze all of your belongings into a backpack or a camper van, you had to become very selective about what to take with you, and when the airlines charge you for every extra kilo, you very quickly realise which items are really important to you!

Fast forward to now, and my boyfriend is now my husband, I have a son and also a few more wrinkles. However, my love of travel and holidays has never changed.

Sand and Salt is a collection of laid-back holiday and home accessories which are of a high quality, are long-lasting, beautiful to look at and a pleasure to own; I only offer those products which I would love to own myself, and would reach for time and again. I hope you love them too.

Paula x 

about us paula in noosa national park in the summer sunshine

Noosa National Park, Australia, 2001.