10 Easy Ways to Update Your Home for Spring



Ah Spring, how I love you!

Now the darkest months of the year are behind us and never-ending January has given way to February, with it's clear, crisp air and newly sprouting Spring bulbs, it's the perfect time to think about giving our living spaces a fresh feel for the season ahead.

If you fancy a new season update without having to make any drastic changes, here are a few easy ways to give your home that Spring vibe...


1. Fresh Spring flowers. Decorating your rooms with fresh flowers instantly adds freshness, or for a longer lasting idea, invest in a bulb planting kit - there are lots available and contain everything you need to plant up your spring bulbs and watch them grow - they make a beautiful table centrepiece.

2. Switch up a few accent accessories to fresher colours and crisp whites. Change the deeper shades of winter for something lighter - the colours don't have to be bright, it's more about the overall tones - sage greens, dusky pinks, apricots or caramel tones are all reminiscent of Spring. Cushions, bathroom towels, lampshades can all be changed up for the new season.

Linen Cushion Cover - Cafe Creme

3. Add some greenery to your space. Plants are a great way to bring life to a room and bring a little nature indoors.

4. Place pots of growing herbs on the kitchen windowsill - as well as looking light and fresh, you're more likely to use them if they're in plain sight.


5. Declutter - there's something very satisfying about clearing out things we no longer need. Recycle or donate to charity anything that's still in good condition. If it seems too overwhelming, try tackling just one drawer or cupboard at a time.

6. Frame prints of your favourite photos taken last Spring/Summer - it'll remind you of what's just around the corner. There are lots of photo apps which allow you to order prints straight from your phone.

7. Use lighter, natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, in place of anything faux or heavy. Cotton or linen throws instead of faux fur or fleece, and soft voile curtains to maintain privacy while letting that beautiful Spring sunlight through.

8. Refresh a room, or even just a wall, with a new coat of paint. It's an easy way to brighten up a room and give it a clean new look.

9. Place a mirror opposite a window to bounce natural light back into the room, the bigger the better - this also has the effect of making the space seem larger, win-win.


10. Fresh candles. Put away the warm and cosy winter scented ones and treat yourself to a lighter uplifting scented candle or two.


Lighter brighter days are on their way, and I can't wait!


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