A Simple Way To Turn Your Shower Into a Mini Spa


Image of a chrome shower head  with a bunch of eucalyptus tied above it, background is a white bathroom.


Easily create your own spa-inspired shower with a simple eucalyptus bundle, and turn your normal daily shower routine into a well-deserved self care session.

Readily available from local florists for just a pound or two per stem, eucalyptus not only fills your room with a natural and refreshing scent but also brings a touch of colour to an otherwise neutral bathroom. In addition, eucalyptus boasts amazing health benefits, transforming your shower ritual into a relaxing and soothing experience.

Image of a bunch or eucalyptus hanging from a shower head with white bathroom tiles behind.


To make your shower bundle, just take a few stems of fresh eucalyptus and strip the leaves from the base of the stems. Tie in a bunch with jute or twine, leaving a loop large enough to go over your shower head, then hang it from the shower head between the water jets and the wall, rather than directly under the water.

As you shower, the steam will release the eucalyptus oil compounds into the air, clearing your sinuses, relaxing your mind and creating an incredible spa-like aroma. Every two or three days, gently squeeze the leaves to refresh the effect and replace with a new bunch after 7-10 days.

Finally, elevate your 'spa' experience with soothing music (try searching 'Spa Music Relaxation' in Spotify), wrap up in beautifully soft waffle towels (pre-warmed if possible) and your favourite body lotion to finish - enjoy!


*Please note; eucalyptus is toxic to cats so make sure to keep out of their reach. 🐾


Image of three light grey cotton waffle towels rolled up in a wooden bowl, with a dried flower bouquet just seen in the top right hand corner


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