3 Reasons Why Autumn is the Perfect Time for a Picnic

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Picnics have always been a good idea, right? But just because the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are a little cooler, it doesn't mean we have to pack away our love of the outdoors -  in fact, Autumn is a brilliant time of the year to arrange one before it gets really cold, so plan a date and get out there!

Here are three reasons an Autumn picnic is not to be missed, with a few tips to plan the perfect alfresco get together with friends or family...



As the leaves on the trees transition to shades of rust, orange and gold, it's a perfect time to surround yourself with the changing landscape and really appreciate the change of season. And as the temperatures are a little cooler, you're unlikely to encounter those unwanted visitors in the shape of wasps and mosquitos, who always tend to join a Summer picnic!

Have a think about your location in advance - a local park, woodland or a beach will all have a different vibe. And don't forget to keep an eye on the weather forecast!



Food that's in season always tastes better and has less impact on our environment too, win-win! Not all picnics have to be sausage rolls and sandwiches - wholesome, warm and comforting food and drinks will add a satisfying feel to your adventure and keep the chill away from the inside out.

Try using insulated food flasks for leftover stews, curries or soups (pre-heat as close to departure as possible), or put together bowls of delicious roasted vegetable salad or a frittata cut into bite sized pieces, tapas style.

For sweet treats, pre-warmed apple pies are always a favourite, or maybe pumpkin pie if that's your thing? (Wrap any containers in a tea towel or napkin for extra insulation and they can then be used to lay out the food).

And don't forget the drinks - flasks of steaming coffee, hot chocolate or mulled cider (or mulled apple juice) make a warming change to the usual summer drinks.



After the Summer is over and the holidays are done, it's all too easy to get stuck back into the day-to-day work/eat/sleep/repeat. Why not round up a group of your favourite people and head out for a few hours in the great outdoors to make a change to the routine?

Style your chosen setting with beautiful rugs and blankets to keep you clean and cosy, bring a small wooden chopping board or two for food, to stand drinks on, or even a few candles if it's a sheltered site. Fairy lights (solar or battery) can add a beautiful feel if it's a late afternoon/evening get together.

Lastly, pack a bag for your rubbish, take a camera and some outdoor games and most importantly, have fun!


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