They are fantastic! But what are Hammam towels?

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The rich history of the hammam towel (or pestemal or fouta) goes back hundreds of years, to a time when the bathhouses (hammams) of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries were the places to go - similar to a steam room or sauna, they were used as places to socialise as well as somewhere to get clean. A hammam towel was used as a wrap around the body while using these public baths. 

From their traditional origins, hammam towels have now made their way to pools, beaches, gyms and picnic baskets, and have become very popular as a practical alternative to a 'towelling' towel, as they are not only incredibly versatile but are beautiful in appearance too.

  •  As well as the usual use of drying off after a swim or shower, a hammam towel can be used in many other ways – as a beach sarong, scarf or wrap, al fresco tablecloth, bed or sofa throw, sun shade, a blanket for the plane and so on. 
  • Hammam towels are thinner and much lighter than a normal towel. All of our towels are made from 100% Turkish cotton and so will absorb water just as well as a terry towel but will dry much more quickly. Hammam towels are also far more compact and are therefore excellent for travelling and to take to the spa. They are perfect for family holidays, festivals and backpacking as you have a lighter weight to carry but they are quicker to wash and dry ready for the next day. A hammam towel will typically weigh 25% - 35% of a standard terry towel - for a family of four that can make quite a difference to your luggage allowance!
  • Hammam towels are a more eco-friendly towel - less water is required for washing, drying is so much easier and quicker, and a lower weight and less bulk means lower transportation impact, making the overall environmental footprint smaller. This makes us happy!
  • Because they’re flat-woven without the conventional loop construction, they do not trap sand, and they also trap fewer allergens and so are ideal for allergy sufferers too. The high-quality Turkish cotton from which our towels are made means they will get softer and more absorbent with each wash. 

See our range of hammam towels HERE.

What's not to love? Once you have tried them you'll wonder why you waited this long!

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