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Trees with autumnal coloured leaves, perspective leading away into the distance

It's officially Autumn! (or Fall for our American friends) - the season of coloured leaves, misty mornings, softer light and first frosts. And while some of us will be missing the warm sunny days of summer, I think - and for 2020 especially - it's good to live in the present and grab every little bit of positivity, enjoyment and fun that we can 🧡 So here are twelve ways (and there are a lot more) to fall in love with Autumn all over again... 


1. Make A Bonfire.

There's something very nostalgic about the smell of woodsmoke in the cool air of Autumn. If you have a beach close to you which permits bonfires, this to me would be the perfect place to gather round a fire for a catch up and a hot drink. Otherwise in your back garden - wrap some baking potatoes in tinfoil and cook them in the embers of the fire - yum.


2. Pamper yourself.

Take a long, hot bath instead of showering - it's the most soothing way to thaw out on a cold day. Surround yourself with bubbles and scented candles and grab some time for yourself. Good quality candles can fill the bathroom with a gorgeous aroma, while giving just the right amount of light to feel cosy. My favourites are from Neom and Wild Planet.


3. Visit a Pumpkin Patch.

We know Halloween is going to be different this year, but pumpkins and gourds in different sizes and colours make the perfect seasonal décor, and if you don't cut into the skin they can last for ages. Pile them up next to the fireplace, fill a glass bowl on the kitchen island or pop a few on a windowsill or shelf. Or, of course, you could always bake a pumpkin pie or spiced latte if that's your thing!

picture of a pumpkin patch at sunset


4. Catch a Sunrise or Sunset.

With the shorter daylight hours of the season, it's easier than ever to experience the most magical parts of any day - more civilised timings and lots of opportunity to create special memories. Check the times and the forecast, set an alarm, load up the car with blankets, flasks, scarves and hats and head somewhere with a big horizon - it may not seem like much but you will remember it always.


5. Cosy Up Your Home.

Autumn is truly the start of hygge season - prepare your home for the onset of chilly days by making it cosy, comfortable and inviting. We are spending more time at home than ever before, so make it a place you really want to spend time in. Soft blankets, squishy cushions, hot water bottles and candlelight will make movie nights at home the best yet.

Click here to browse our range of cushion covers in warm cosy shades.

mustard wool blanket and white textured cotton throw from sand and salt, covering a bed.


6. Toast Marshmallows.

One for the whole family! Toast your marshmallows using long wooden skewers over your bonfire or firepit, turning until they are gooey in the middle. For extra decadence, make s'mores by sandwiching the toasted marshmallows between two chocolate digestives - yes please. If you'd rather not light a fire for the occasion, I can highly recommend The Naked Marshmallow Co. - delicious luxury marshmallows which you can also buy as a kit, complete with skewers and a gel burner (the advent calendars are so good too.)


7. Plant Bulbs for Spring.

Spend some time in the garden planting spring bulbs in beds and containers before the weather gets too cold and the ground gets to hard. It's hard work but come the Spring, when the happy little splashes of colour begin to break through the soil, you will be so pleased that you made the effort.


8. Enjoy Walks on the Beach.

Autumn is a great time to go for a long walk along the beach. All the summer visitors have gone home and if you're lucky you'll have the beach to yourselves. Quite often, local councils lift restrictions on allowing dogs on the beach after Summer is over, so the whole household can enjoy some time outdoors.

To make a day of it, consider hiring a beach hut - they are easier to book and usually cheaper out of the holiday season. After your walk you can hunker down in the hut with a good book or board games and a hot chocolate. Bliss.

pink beach hut on southwold beach


9. Create Nourishing Dinners.

Favourite meals during the cooler months are hearty warming casseroles, chili con carne or cottage pie. Polish off your slow cooker and with a little bit of fresh ingredient prep before you head out for the day, you'll be coming home to a kitchen full of delicious aromas and with minimal time needed to complete. Or try an easy one dish dinner - throw all the ingredients together and pop it in the oven - voila! This book is a much loved favourite for easy wholesome meals and is one of a series of four - get it from your local independent bookshop.

The Roasting Tin cookery book


10. Up your exercise.

Long walks through the woods, rambles through the countryside, bike rides with the family, making the most of a National Trust membership - all great ways to help keep you healthy as we head towards the winter. Maybe sign up for a virtual 5K run to give yourself a goal to aim for? Couch to 5K challenge? The cooler weather makes exercising much more comfortable and the endorphins will boost your wellbeing too - win win!


11. Make an Autumn Wreath.

Decorate your front door or porch with a homemade autumn wreath - it's a thing! Visit your local craft shop for the basic materials and forage for conkers, pine cones and leaves on your weekend walks. There's lots of inspiration on Pinterest and a lovely creative project to get involved with on a rainy weekend.

homemade autumn wreath


12. Invest In Cashmere.

Treat yourself to some luxuriant cosy cashmere socks to protect your toes from that chill in the air - there is something very indulgent about cashmere socks, and yet they're probably the most affordable item of cashmere clothing you can buy, and don't we all deserve a little indulgence occasionally? (or add them to your Christmas wishlist!)


Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year and there is so much to look forward to as the seasons change - I would love to hear what you think and which activities you will be adding to your list. x

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    Love this…. great blog reminding us of all the positives of heading into Autumn.

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